26 May, 2011

Summer must-have...

Maxi Dresses - whites, colors, prints.... all is on trend, as worn by:

Alex Gerrard

Heidi Montag

Kate Hudson

Eva Longoria & Lauren Conrad

Jessica Simpson

Denise Richards

Kim Kardashian

Jessica Alba

25 May, 2011

Best dressed & news...

Kim K is engaged:

Best dressed of the week:

Rachel Bilson
Rachel again


Jennifer Hudson

Selena Gomez

Uma Thurman

Cath at cathinthcity

23 May, 2011

21 May, 2011

Fashion news of the week...

New summer clutches:



Stella McCartney

A stylish walk-in closet of a Beverly Hills housewife - every girl's dream:

The latest trend is Katsuits for the Kardashians:

Summer make-up & hair trend:

18 May, 2011

It's my birthday :-)))))))

with lots of presents...
flowers & surprises & dinner at Nobu from my husband:

A most wanted book, a bracelet (I love it) & VS bath essentials (Zizi loved it as well) from my friend:

more flowers from family :-)

14 May, 2011

Day 3...

Buffet breakfast at the hotel, the sun is up already & it's hot like summertime:

then we headed to town for a little shopping:

after lunch: macaroons & coffee of course (those Ladure macaroons are the best):

Afternoon walk around Monaco, then some relax time at the hotel's Cinq Monde spa:

the Royal Castle

the Fairmont Hotel

Cinq Monde Spa at our hotel

Dinner at Mozza again, even better the 2nd time around:

home-made pasta with pesto & tomatoes

grilled veal filet with mashed potatoes

We're heading back home tomorrow :-( 
Monaco is worth visiting, we'll come back for sure!

12 May, 2011

Day 2...

Breakfast at our balcony - French style... funny story: just as we were about to eat, a seagull took a croissant from our table and fly away with it :-) - less carbs...

morning view:

then some sightseeing in downtown Monte Carlo, Place du Casino:

coffee at Cafe de Paris:

late lunch of grilled salmon and chicken salad:

an afternoon walk at the Marina:

macaroons from Ladure & fruit smoothie at Metcafe in Le Metropole Shopping Centre
(a great place to shop):

heading back to the hotel to relax by the pool - it's sunny and 26 C:

headed to town again for dinner at Mozza for a grilled fish (catch of the day: Seabream) - great place, would recommend to anyone who loves Italian and fish:

more tomorrow...