27 November, 2011

My favorite Christmas movies and songs...


- The Holiday

- Holiday in handcuffs

- This Christmas


- Wham: Last Christmas - my all time favorite
- Annie Lenox's version of Winter Wonderland
- Chris Rea - Driving home for Christmas

Chris Rea - Driving Home For Christmas

Wham! - Last Christmas

Annie Lennox 'Winter Wonderland '

The Holidays are coming...

the holidays came early this year, "it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" - as the song said. It's only 4 weeks until Christmas, so I guess I better start my Christmas shopping next week and make arrangements with the family for dinners, lunches, etc. We went to a late sunday brunch to T&G Italiano, then walked around downtown at one of the Christmas markets, beside the church we got married in :-)

Thanksgiving inspired flower arrangement for the living room - I love the orange color:

24 November, 2011

Fashion & news...

afternoon Xmas decor and candle shopping and arranging with a gingerbread holiday latte, some fashionable read and clearing out my schedule for some relaxation before the holidays:

new Kardashian Kollection lounge wear:

Their novel Dollhouse is out now:

I love Victoria Beckham's new collection. Here she is wearing one of her own design:

Chanel's new holiday make-up collection:

Kate Beckinsale is back being a vampire in Underworld: Awakenings. Twilight made way to a lots of vampire movies, sequels and TV shows. Kate sizzles in this spread as well as in the movie:

19 November, 2011

The day before the weekend...

Friday - I always love fridays, it's almost the weekend, so it's time to do fun things:

Healthy breakfast:

Oat weetabix & bananas

Later I went to check out the new Versace Collection for H&M and got a dress and a bracelet:

I heard that Tom Ford will be the next designer collaboration with H&M. I can't wait!!!

My skin's favourite cream:

Tomorrow we go to the Christmas Market downtown, maybe do some early Christmas shopping :-)

Coco turns 4...

It's Coco's birthday again - her 4th to be exact... Happy Birthday!

she got a cake and a birthday card

Zizi helped out with the cake - of course

a cake shaped squeeky toy

Her little friends came over for a playdate:

from left: Zizi, Coco, Candy, Lili

13 November, 2011

It's the weekend again....

on Saturday we went to Baldaszti's Grand again and it was great again:

tuna tartar with avocado

pumpkin cream soup with chili & shrimp

scallops with sweet pea cream & parmesan risotto

home-made chicken nuggets & fries

pistachio tart with crispy choco cover 

Victoria's Secret....

It's that time again... the annual Victoria's Secret fashion show was held a few days ago, with supermodels, rock stars, celebrities. The models have been training and dieting for weeks now, it can be an inspiration for everyone - a lot of them have kids already, some just had a baby. Still they're look fantastic (I just miss 2 of the original angels - Gisele & Heidi):

Miranda Kerr

Karolina Kurkova

Chanel Iman

Alessandra Ambrosio

Isabel Goulant

Adam Levine & his model girlfriend

Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima

Doutzen Kroes

Candace Swanopel

Weekly fashion report 3...

best dressed:

Veronica Webb

Camilla Belle

Naomi Watts

Eva Longoria

Selena Gomez

Kate Beckinsale

Kourtney Kardashian
LV's new 2012 cruise collection:

Blake Lively in Versace for H&M (it hits stores next week):

and inseperable from her dog on the set of Gossip Girl (soooo cute):

Gisele is in a new jewellery campaign for Christmas: