30 September, 2012

Fall's favorite color...

My favorite color for fall is maroon, so I'm on the hunt for a great pair of skinny jeans, like Abbey Crouch's (I like the whole outfit, the jacket, the boots and the Balenciaga bag):

or Kristin Cavallari's leather skirt and those shoes:

Chanel's new nail polish & lipstick "Provocation":

"IT"color on the street at Paris fashion week:

29 September, 2012

Meeting Nobu.....

We got invited to an "Umami Dinner"at Nobu, with THE man himself, Nobu Matsuhisa, for the 2nd anniversary of the restaurant in Budapest. The 7 course tasting menu was delicious every step of the way:

28 September, 2012

Most pampered pet...

Britain's most pampered pooch, yorkie Lola has a diamond necklace & a wardrobe to bark for:

Isn't that cute???

I love puppies (well I love animals in general), but have a weakness for yorkies :-) Although we have a new addition to our family: little "Boci"whom we rescued. She's the sweetest little girl, Coco & Zizi just loves her:

Also, my sister just got a little surprise for her birthday: "Lucky":))

06 September, 2012

03 September, 2012

Back to blogging.................

After a long & warm summer, it is now time to get back to reality and I decided to rewamp the blog a little :)

With September, comes the beginning of my favorite season, but there’s something bittersweet about summer coming to an end. Altough it was and still is in fact very humid and hot, so I'm glad to have a liitle fresh air. The days have already started turning dark earlier in the evening and the streets are now clogged with cars en route to school. I’m obsessed with a few new TV series, like Dallas, it's a hip new take on an old show. Revenge is a Hamptons based thrilling new series with great clothes, greater homes and a story line full of surprises. The Client List with Jennifer Love Hewitt is a cute, working mom (as a prostitute), left by her husband making ends meet kind of story. Until my fave old shows start again in the fall, I watched  the Bachelorette with Emily Maynard and despite my initial hesitation, it was quite entertaining and she is really that nice and genuine, I hope she gets her happily ever after with Jef. Also great styling on the show.