19 July, 2011

16 July, 2011

Lazy afternoon with friends...

We spent the afternoon with friends at their backyard, with some rose spritz, cantaloupe & ice cream and a huge retro-cheeseburger:

12 July, 2011

Dinner at NOBU (again)...

with our friend from LA - NOBU is always fantastic, the food, the atmosphere, the service - it's great that we have a NOBU here in the city - it's worth trying...

toro sashimi with jalapeno sauce

new style salmon sashimi

sushi roll selection

black cod in miso and sirloin steak with peruvian sauce

11 July, 2011

Start of a new week......

Now I'm off to the gym........

Healthy breakfast - whole grain cheerios with raspberries:

I'm testing new products constantly - always experimenting in search of a perfect product - at least perfect for me...

St Tropez self tan lotion, tan intensifier, body polish and moisturizer:

Dr. Perricone skin clear cleanser:

will write a review later..........

03 July, 2011

Rainy weekend... day 2

Sunday brunch with family - and playtime with the new puppies :-)
They're just toooo cute to explain - 12 weeks old Yorkie sisters, Lili & Candy!
So with my princesses Coco & Zizi and my father-in-law's Roni, there are 5 Yorkies in the family :-))))))

Lili & Candy

Lili in her "Angel" hoodie :-)

Candy in her Dior shirt

Rainy weekend... day 1

It was raining the whole weekend, so we went for some macaroons at SUGAR! :

not as good as Laduree, but close enough...

Then headed to the movies to see Transformers 3 in 3D:

The movie is action packed, with lots of fashion, Louboutins, a Mercedes SLS and an Hermes Birkin, which is actually a Kelly.