25 April, 2012


Just back from our garden with my little babies. They always running around, playing fetch or chasing after each other, soooo cute and careless, not a problem in their world. After, they are so beat & laying on the floor (Zizi) or on the sofa (Coco) snoring. Life as a dog must be a real treat :-) They are such cosy little dogs, barely ever acting out. Well, Zizi being the younger one, she is pretty reckless, stubborn and always playful, a little comedian. Coco is more relaxed, easy-going, a real aristocrat :-)))))



Full on Spring...

Now that the real Spring has finally arrived, I went to get a few new things:

MAC blot powder and slim gold bangles

a butterfly detailed tank top

shiny leggings from Mango

open toe wedge sandals from Sergio Rossi

15 April, 2012

New workout...

I decided that it was time for a healthier lifestyle, not just a diet or working out more, but a whole lifestyle change for being healthy and fit with adjusting my eating habits (which I'm doing for 4 months now due to an intolerance to certain foods) and taking on pilates (as a workout) twice a week for now and thinking about taking tennis lessons when it's warmer outside. I really like pilates so far, it de-stresses and calmed me down and in the same time it gives you strength, long and lean muscle structure and moves all parts of your whole body. I've tried yoga as well, not really my thing.


09 April, 2012

Happy Easter!!!

It's bunny time again :-) with ham, egg hunt and fun stuff. The weather was not exactly the best this holiday weekend, but at least I got to relax for while:

and did some easter cooking:

cooked-smoked easter ham & hard boiled eggs

sweet challah bread

01 April, 2012

Fashion news...

A new series for the fans of Sex and the City: The Carrie Diaries, starring Anna-Sophia Robb just started shooting in NY:

Kim K launched a new perfume True Reflection this week:

Best dressed ladies: