26 August, 2011

End of summer...

but a new beginning of fall fashion :-) - and so much more...

Sale items for example - I got 3 new tops from Ella Moss, Bobeau and Olivia Moon. I'm into stripes right now:

a new Tory Burch clutch - I just love the bright pink color. I like simple, natural earth tones for clothes, like black, white, beige, grey, brown, maybe green and blue and spice it up with bright, girly accessories:

I'm trying out a new after tweeze calming cream for eye brows from Anastasia, a celebrity brow specialist in Beverly Hills, that will eliminate ingrowth - will see how it works:

Charlotte Casiraghi on the cover of French Vogue - finally a fashionable, chic princess:

Chanel's new fall nail colors - Blue:

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