08 January, 2012


Happy New Year!


There was something exciting & magical about that moment when the clock tick over to 00.01 on January 1st and a new year began. With it comes the prospect for new beginnings, a somewhat clean slate, the hope to fulfill grand plans and resolutions.
2011 has not been a great year, so I'm really hopeful that this new year will bring a new perspective and I will try to do my best to achieve everything I've been working towards...
- After a major health scare last year, I know that I can't take my health for granted just because I’m young, so I have to take better care of myself. 
- I aim to get more sleep.
- I will work on reducing stress in my day job, as well as in my personal life.
- I'd love to take things less seriously.
- Eat more healthy, at least 90% of the time.
- Get more exercise and drop a few pounds with running, cardio and yoga.
- Have a positive attitude despite challenges.
- Blog more.

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