29 January, 2012

Spirit lifting......

.... thoughts for the weekend and for all year round:

Ways to add a little sparkle to your life -

Don’t save your favourite things for ‘a special occasion’. Life is the special occasion! Treat every day special and pile on your favourite jewels each day, wear your favourite dresses often, and spritz your favourite perfume as you rush out the door each morning.

Add loveliness to your home. Buy yourself flowers (they don't need to be expensive), buy bed sheets that make bed time feel like a hotel stay, light a gorgeous candle when you come home each evening, and collect treasures that evoke happy memories.

If you’re in wardrobe rut, make an effort to do your hair and put on your cutest heels for no particular reason at all. You’ll spend the day feeling that little bit prettier.

Don’t let grey skies get you down. Treat it as an excuse to wear a pretty pink nail polish or lipstick, a cute umbrella and perhaps a shot of pastel or fuchsia in your outfit (the same optimistic rules apply to bad days or frustrating situations).

One day every week, go on a date with someone you love. It doesn’t need to be grand or over the top. Why not go somewhere fabulous with your best friend every single month for a single cup of tea or coffee, even a cocktail? Or get dressed up and go to dinner once a week or go see the sunset with your loved one. Whatever it is, make time for special moments with the people you love.

Treasure small moments of happiness. Have breakfast in bed on the weekend, smell every rose you pass on an evening walk, put on a movie that makes you laugh, pause to watch the sky turn pink at sunset, have picnics and walk barefoot through the grass on warm summer evenings, just watch a movie at home or go for a walk with the one you love.

If you’re feeling uninspired, broaden your horizons. Make plans to take a trip to a city you’ve always wanted to explore, go see a new movie, or just pile up old photos of good memories to see. Instant inspiration!

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